Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Electronic Note Taking Pen vs. Rocketbook Everlast Notebook

I came across a DRAFT post I never published. It deserves to be updated with the inclusion of the Rocketbook Everlast Notebook. 

A few years ago, there was a pop-up ad for this Livescribe 3 Smart Pen. You can find this product on Amazon. 

I find the concept intriguing because an inherent disadvantage to "going green" and paperless is how we write notes. It cannot be denied that the words we write on paper are very different from typing the text. There is something in the way our brain processes the information. It is probably a right brain/left brain thing but that's another topic. 

I am using Noteshelf, an iPad app that mimics my old fashioned notebook. I can change ink colors, doodle, write reminders and flip back through the pages to find my notes. 

What is it about this pen that caught my attention? Searchable electronic notes through Evernote integration. My only hesitation, is it worth the $149.95 price ($199.95 for the Pro model)? Is it just another electronic gadget that seems really cool but will end up being used occasionally or not at all? Where does it fit? Maybe just the thing for the technology geek! Still, a pricey choice. 


Enter a new player in the market - Rocketbook Everlast Notebook. With the same smart features of being able to write with pen and paper and then save your notes to your electronic choice; i.e., Evernote, Google Drive, email, etc.; no devices to remember to charge; much better price - you can get the two books; the Executive Rocketbook and Rocketbook Mini, for under $50 on Amazon. I have these - received as gifts - and I love them. Definitely worth taking a look at. 

Happy scribing!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

What is Your Pets True Name?

This is a fun little diagram I found online. There was no credit given to the author. If anyone knows the person or persons who created this gem, please let me know so I can give proper credit to them.

It doesn't matter if your pet is a dog, cat, rabbit, fish, etc. Look up the corresponding word for the first letter of their name and then the one for the last letter of their name. Enjoy!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Feature Friday

Who knew painting on glass could be such fun.

We had a great night at the Woman’s Club of White Plains featuring Decorative Glass Painting. Creating something unique from a plain glass and feeling a wonderful sense of accomplishment.


This is something I want to do more of. From something as simple as dots or paw prints to...

flowers. It was an evening well spent.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

How Do You Feel About Wednesday?

Why is Wednesday “Hump Day”? Is it really the middle of the week? What happens when you include Saturday and Sunday a.k.a. the weekend? If you think of the week starting on Sunday, then Wednesday is still in the middle and is still “Hump Day”. If you think the week starts on Monday, does Thursday becomes “Hump Day”? 

I woke up thinking about this and never pondered the day that falls in the middle of the week. I find it interesting that Wednesday falls in the middle of both a Monday through Friday, the traditional work week, and also in the middle of a week that starts on Sunday. 

One of my favorite calendars is the American Express Desk Calendar. The weekly pages start on Monday and the month at a glance starts on Sunday. This addresses both thoughts for the start of the week - Sunday or Monday. I use Monday as the start of my week. What day do you use?

The entrepreneur: dreamccc

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Marketing in the World of Digital Information Overload

One would think in the year 2019 with all the digital platforms available that marketing would be easy. Reaching your target audience as simple as hitting a few buttons. Build a social presence by being active on social media. All these things are really basic so why is marketing so difficult today?

Money. The 1980’s feel like ancient history but things were easier. Specific channels; newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, and direct mail were the major players. You received media kits and price plans to market your product or service on these channels. Something else that was part of the marketing strategy was advertising agency discount rates. An ad agency could offer their service to a client at no additional advertising cost because the channels gave a percentage of the advertising dollars spent back to the agency and everyone was a winner. 

In 2019, money is still the main player in the game; however, the major players, or channels of today, have changed. We now live in a world of social media and if you do not have a social media presence, you are invisible. Advertising discounts for ad agencies still exist but the average business owner cannot afford to promote their product or service on TV. Print media; i.e., newspapers, magazines, and direct mail are readily available online as well as in print. Will your advertising dollars on these channels reach your target audience? Maybe and that is a big risk to take.

What about social media and what is the problem? Algorithms. Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest players in the social media game. It often feels like spending advertising dollars on these channels is like playing darts. What impact will your ad dollars have in getting your product, service, or event seen by the people you want to reach? How will that algorithm affect your results? Do you need to spend money to be seen and more important, why should the small business have to spend huge amounts of money to be seen? 

There are a lot of questions with very few answers. This is an experiment; using a blog and dynamic websites to reach a target audience. Websites became static when smartphones took over communication. You hold the power to engage in social media, check email, text and talk, search the internet, listen to music and podcasts wherever you are because that power exists in your smartphone. Will a dynamic website capture the audience you want to reach? Will a blog dedicated solely to information, and not a platform monetized by advertisers, build engagement? Can social media be utilized in a way that traffic can be driven to a website or blog? These are the questions and time will tell what the answers are. 

The entrepreneur:  dreamccc

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Daily Newsletter for October 14, 2018

It was a whirlwind weekend and it is not over yet. Thinking about all the events, all the driving, all the thoughts while sitting in traffic. The biggest takeaway so far; stay true to your commitments because people notice. 
Fall arrived overnight.
Our weather has been erratic to say the least. Heat and humidity seemed to rule the weather pattern accompanied by the most horrible rain I can remember short of hurricanes. Fortunately, we have not had to deal with a landfall hurricane, just the rain and storm surges.

From the Desk of the Cat
Cats have come a long way, especially in the human/cat relationship. Once thought to be “aloof” and “independent”, humans are learning that cats are social creatures that do not like change. 20 years ago, it was believed that cats needed to be outside and, reluctantly, came inside. I experience first hand that cats are quite comfortable inside. Given food, water, a comfy place to play and sleep, the indoor cat is quite happy. Cats are protective of their “territory”. They will greet their humans at the door, play fetch, perform tricks, and teach their human the fine art of observation.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Finding A Mobile Blogging Solution

 The picture is a date marker for now. I am a member of the Facebook Group CDA-Cloth Doll Studio. 2017 is going to bring new challenges and I will need a blog for that. I have had this Blogger blog for a while. I was active before social media; i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. began to consume my online life. I admit I miss blogging. I miss the ability to write more that a few sentences. I miss writing and sharing for the pure joy of it without being consumed by the reactions of others.

I am curious about the engagement factor of a traditional blog and the newest platform - Medium. I have a Medium account, I enjoy the writing of others on the platform and I am totally unsure of where it fits but have a feeling that it is a platform I can gain traction on. 

I do not know what challenges are ahead from CDA-Cloth Doll Studio and I want to be prepared to participate. I also want to get back into blogging with an expansion into video posts. I am looking forward to 2017 being a year of creativity. 

Now, I need to test adding a few more pictures to this post. Thank you for your understanding as I boldly go where I haven't gone before. 

This dog wanted to be the designated driver. The reflection on the window makes this look like an old fashioned double exposure image. It brings back fond memories of experimenting with film. 

"Snow" Flake and "White" Christmas are 5 year old twin brothers that need a new home. They are sweet boys who love to cuddle and purr. Neutered and up to date on all vaccines, they will be a wonderful addition to their new furever home. Questions? Call Cathy 914-295-2287 

And now, to publish!